Stefania Garbarino


Stefania Garbarino


Born in Rimini in 1965, after high school she graduated from the University of Genoa with full marks.
After completing two years of legal practice at the Court of Genoa and graduating from the School of Specialization for the legal professions, she passed the qualification exam at the District Court of Appeal of Genoa.
She has been collaborating with Bruzzone Genovesi e Associati since 2003 and has been an associate since 2013.
You carry out consultancy and extrajudicial and judicial assistance in favor of individuals and companies in the fields of civil law – in particular in the fields of employment, commercial, contractual, family law and succession.

You deal with legal problems relating to the category of civil invalids by collaborating with the major organizations in the sector.
Since 2005 you have been a professor of civil law in professional courses for real estate brokers at ISCOT Liguria.