Clara Savani


Clara Savani


Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of the University of Genoa.

She has been a partner since 2013, she has a multidisciplinary training, which allows her to offer individuals and companies complete advice and assistance in civil law in the extrajudicial and judicial fields, with particular regard to the contractual, commercial and labor sectors. She deals with the drafting of contracts, including transnational ones, and the Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

You have extensive experience in litigation and provide the client with legal assistance at every stage and stage of the dispute and in arbitration judgments.

You provide your advice in the management of the employment relationship, starting from your genetic phase up to its termination. She deals with the drafting of contracts for each category of workers and the “tailor-made” drafting of contracts for management figures, with the drafting of non-competition, stability, confidentiality and inventions agreements. It assists companies in the management of employment relationships, providing advice and assistance in relation to secondments, transfers, assignments of contracts, outsourcing, intra-company tenders, company transfers, contract changes, redundancies, drafting of company regulations and disciplinary codes, disciplinary procedures, layoffs, conciliations. You also participate in trade union negotiations for the drafting of corporate collective agreements.

She speaks English and French.