Caterina Agnoli


Caterina Agnoli



She was born in Genoa in 1968.
You graduated in Law from the State University of Milan and acquired the title of Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Milan in 1997; since 2010 you are Cassationist.
From 1993 to 1998 you collaborated with Studio Majno in Milan, in particular with Avv. Giancarlo Gabardini, where she mainly dealt with litigation and contracts; in the same period you collaborated with the editorial staff of the magazine “Il Right Industrial” directed by Prof. Giorgio Floridia, publishing several articles on the subject of misleading advertising.

In 1998 you founded in Milan, together with your colleague Pier Filippo Giuggioli, Studio Agnoli e Giuggioli where you immediately held the role of managing partner, contributing, in an effective way, to the growth and affirmation of the firm both in Italy and in the ‘abroad. In the over twenty years of her stay at the AeG firm she has gained experience in the civil and commercial law sector and in particular in assisting Italian and foreign companies operating in Italy in litigation and out-of-court matters where she mainly dealt with extraordinary transactions, acquisitions and contracts.

In 2021 she left her previous studio to start a collaboration with colleagues Aldo Bruzzone and Gianemilio Genovesi, partners of Studio Bruzzone Genovesi e Associati, implementing, together with her father and colleague Marcello Agnoli, the Milanese team of Studio Agnoli Bruzzone Genovesi & Associati.