Barbara Armanini


Barbara Armanini



Born in Milan in 1966, graduated in law from the State University of Milan in 1994, she acquired the title of Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Milan in 1997 and since then she has always worked, as a partner, in established Milanese firms operating in the field of civil law.

A cassation lawyer, over the years she has dealt with, in addition to contracts, assistance to companies and individuals, specializing in family law disputes with particular attention, in addition to the purely legal aspect, to the emotional – family aspect of her clients, having collaborated with the firm “Micaela Vannucchi & Associati” which deals with providing “multi-angle” answers to problems relating to the well-being of the person as head of legal advice.

The experience gained in both sectors allows her to operate in the legal field also with the necessary respect for the emotional issues so closely linked to family disputes.

From 2013 to 2015 he provided his consultancy by writing articles and answering questions from readers for an online column on the “donnaclicK” web portal, developing the issues of greatest interest in the field of family law, inheritance law and the status of the person .

Since January 2022 you have been collaborating on a regular basis with the associated firm Agnoli Bruzzone e Genovesi.