Alessandra Caricato


Alessandra Caricato


After high school, she graduated with full marks in law from the La Sapienza University of Rome.

She is enrolled in the register of Cassationists since 2006.

In the course of his professional activity, he has had the opportunity to follow trials in various sectors of criminal law, acquiring professional mandates in complex judicial matters, including some well-known corporate crime trials, specializing in crimes against the public administration, corporate crimes, bankruptcy, as well as in the matter of culpable crimes related to accidents at work, medical liability, environmental and construction offenses as well as problems relating to the administrative liability of legal persons.

Since 1998 you have collaborated as an expert on the subject and a member of the Commission for the exams of Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan.

She is a founding member and member of the scientific committee of the Reason and Law Association, a free and independent association dedicated to the study of legal sciences.

For years she has been a member of the examining commissions for the qualifying examination for the legal profession. For the 2021-2022 session she was 1st President for the Milan Court of Appeal.