Aldo Bruzzone


Aldo Bruzzone


He was born in Genoa in 1969.
After high school, he graduated with full marks from the University of his city.
He later acquired the title of lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Genoa and since 2011 he has been a Supreme Court officer.
He has held numerous seminars on behalf of public bodies, mainly relating to the matter of consortia and network contracts; on the subject he has published a guide published by the Ligurian Center for Productivity (Genoa Chamber of Commerce).
Over time he has gained experience in the field of civil law, with particular reference to national and international problems concerning companies, companies and the agency contract.
He is the trustee of an important trade association. His clients include small, medium, large companies and public entities.
He has been appointed arbitrator in numerous civil law disputes and has held the position of president of the college several times.
He was appointed by the Municipality of Genoa as a member of the Board of Directors of the Wholesale Market Management Company, a company with mixed public-private participation.
On 4 July 2003, with the lawyer Gianemilio Genovesi, founded the Studio Associato Bruzzone Genovesi (GB&A), since 2021 Agnoli BG&A.

He is President of Confcommercio Professioni Genova.